Your loved one’s life had meaning, and there was no one else in the world quite like them. This is your opportunity to celebrate and honor their accomplishments and the impact they had on your family and everyone they knew.

A well-planned funeral will provide you with a moment in time to recognize and express your grief while being surrounded by people who love you. Since the beginning of time, humans have had the impulse to mark important milestones with ceremonies, and a funeral is a modern-day expression of that need. Studies show that a meaningful funeral can help you accept the reality of your loved one’s passing, providing the necessary closure you need to move along your path towards healing.

Whether you choose cremation or traditional burial, if you’re looking for a simple farewell or an elaborate sendoff, the compassionate, professional staff at Cavanagh can help you plan a service that meets your family’s needs and wishes.

At Cavanagh, funerals truly are for the living.