Since Cavanagh Family Funeral Homes, Inc. & Private Crematory is family owned and operated, we know all about the importance of family.

We have empathized with parents as they have had to confront the question of whether or not to allow a child to attend a funeral. It’s in a parent’s nature to protect their little ones from the harsh realities of life, including death. But keeping a child from a funeral service might be counter-productive for their grieving process.

Attending a funeral gives a child the opportunity to say good bye to their loved one in a very tangible way, and it can help foster in them a healthy, realistic view of death. It’s also an opportunity to teach a child how to deal with sadness and loss.

The most important thing is to give them a choice – explain to them the value of attending, but don’t force them to do anything that frightens them or makes them uncomfortable. Also, be sure to explain to them clearly what they can expect do see, do, and hear at the funeral service or visitation so they will be prepared.

At the end of the day, parents have to decide what’s right for them and their family. But know when you choose Cavanagh Family Funeral Homes, Inc. & Private Crematory, the funeral service will be a celebration of life that will bring healing to all who attend.