How to Choose Your Cremation Provider

There are many differences between cremation providers that are important to know about before selecting one that best fits your need.

Here are questions for you to consider:

  • Does the firm I’m considering have on-site refrigeration?
  • Does the service provider have on-site cremation?

Many other funeral homes don’t have refrigeration and outsource the actual cremation service to a third party. It is not required by law for a cremation provider to have on-site refrigeration, so it’s vital to choose someone who goes above and beyond for your peace of mind.

At Cavanagh Family Funeral Homes, we have our own on-site, private crematory and are the only local provider to offer a 10-step cremation process backed by our Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee.

  • Is the service offering honestly priced, or are there hidden fees?

Too many families realize it’s too late once the contract is signed, and the hidden fees come to the surface. When this time in life is already so difficult, it’s impactful to find the team that is there for you, no strings attached. We at Cavanagh care for you with the transparency we want for our own family.

  • Does the staff take your needs to heart?

There is a difference between performing a service and being service-minded. Choose a provider with staff that know what you’re going through and are committed to caring for you along the way. Our Cavanagh team takes your time of grief to heart, and it is our honor to care for you and your loved one.

  • Are the facilities modern, clean and comfortable?

Many providers will cut back on spending for the sake of profits, sacrificing comfortable and modern aspects of facilities that make a big difference for families and their experience. When a firm has facilities that make you feel at home, you know their priority is you, not their bottom line.

When you choose Cavanagh, you can be at ease knowing that it’s you and your loved one we have in mind above all else.  Our best practices through our private, on-site crematory eliminate uncertainty, provide a healing environment while on the grief journey and support you with compassionate, personalized care.

Please contact us today if you are in need or would like to know more about planning ahead.