Death is never an easy topic – especially when talking with the people who love us the most. But we encourage everyone to involve their families in their plans while they’re still living. Here are some tips for letting those closest to you know about your funeral plans.

Your Spouse
Explain to them why advanced planning is important to you, and give them the opportunity to be involved in the process, if they would like. If they decline, try to be understanding.

Your Adult Children
Be honest and open about your current health situation. Reassure your children if you’re in good health. Let them know why you’ve chosen to preplan, and present the aspects of your plan you’re comfortable with sharing. Be clear what is and is not up for discussion or debate.

Your Parents
Put your parents at ease by letting them know you’re in good health, if that’s the case. Explain to them why you’ve chosen to plan ahead and let them know where they can find your plans should something happen to you. You might even take the opportunity to invite them to consider advanced planning for themselves.